Vision Intelligence plays a biggest role to envisage a situation or automating a process. It helps in increasing productivity, preventing disaster, Predicting or preventing a trouble or failure. Video Intelligence is a combination of computer vision, video analytics and AI. It is a software platform for supervising the system in un-manned way i.e. surveillance and business intelligence applications. We make it easy for organizations to migrate from analog video to intelligent IP video solutions. We work on incorporating analytics algorithms that automatically track and classify objects under surveillance, providing real-time video information through its alarming function, controlling PTZ cameras and on-demand business intelligence reports that are critical for more sophisticated implementations
Video analytics are being used for a range of applications, such as, increasing security, improving public safety, reducing shrinkage and providing operational intelligence, across several vertical markets. By enhancing traditional video management solutions, video analytics decrease the time and risk associated with human review by providing timely alerts and reports of relevant activities and making review of recorded video fast and accurate. Key video analytics applications include:

  • People Counting
  • Motion Tracking
  • Left Item Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Removed Item Detection
  • Virtual Fence/Perimeter Breach
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Wrong Direction
  • Loitering

Artificial Intelligence and advancements in cloud edge computing infrastructure are enabling development of intelligent real-time video analytics solutions that are solving several problems and creating many opportunities in different sectors. By harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and big data, AI-powered video analytics solutions have started to play a crucial role in automating several functions and duties based on video intelligence collected through application specific cameras.

From street crime deterrence, to missing person search, patient monitoring, land surveying, vehicle classification, product fault detection and wildlife poaching control, there are numerous applications of video analytics solutions.