Embedded System & Protocol Stack development

Embedded application

  • Embedded application to wifi interaction and to AWS integration
  • API interaction to IoT/Embedded device for manageability/stats/data
  • Porting of utility application in embedded boards using hardware acceleration
  • Micro controller programming and control protocol

Working with Sensors

  • Voltage/Current recording & data processing, using sensor API.
  • GPS based intelligent solution, Home automation

Protocol Stack Development

  • Layer 2, Layer 3 and Application protocol development
  • Network Simulation, Protocol stack simulation and emulation
  • Using existing simulator or testing tool, Emulating hardware in loop

Business Intelligence

Event Analytics

  • User information & preference collection for analytics and targeted ads
  • Event information collection for event robustness
  • Failure points detections and troubleshooting aid
  • Statistical variance calculation base on analytical information

Surveillance Analytics

  • IP feed analyzing, people/head counting
  • Moving object detection/speed detection
  • Rule based violation detection

Application Development

  • Management application development.
  • CMS system for enterprise, home appliance, IoT devices
  • Element Management System having FCAPS for IoT devices

Amazon AWS Cloud Framework

  • EC2, Cloudfront, Auto scale, Route 53, security groups, VPC
  • AWS API, lamda function, management systems, AMI creation
  • Cloudifying Application by breaking/using as network functions
  • Autoscaling, improving the performance