Enterprise video technology is the accumulation of capturing the content, storing/archiving, seamless delivery and viewing/better user experience. This happens in close circuit which implies that strict security, authorization and restricted users access i.e. a miniature world of video usage that we see using variety of, or accumulation of various apps/applications in our daily file. The Enterprise solution is the collection of all the worldly applications in one roof, seamlessly integrated solution with architectural excellence having necessary, sufficient & important features, losing some variety or aesthetic of consumer-based applications. The capturing refers to collecting the feed using cam/camera mic/audio, screen or other audio/video feed or files. Then storing/archiving means content management/assets archiving. Seamless delivery means reaching to the end user by passing variety of huddles but yet reliable way. Viewing/better experience means player or portal, various devices like mobile, tabs, laptops, PCs etc.

The phrase, smooth integrated solution is the key for Enterprise Video Technology. Some of applications/software and open source plays a major role. But they must be blended to produce a smooth & effective solution, scalability and thus expected output. The important open sources are ffmpeg, Apache, Tomcat, Kaltura, Nginx, various players like VLC, Video JS, Videogular. Licensed software like AMS/FMS, Wowza, MS Smoothstreaming, Sharepoint
In summary in terms of broader technology it boils down to

  • Capturing
  • Streaming/Delivery
    • Encoding, transcoding (decode + re-encoding), segmenting
    • Segmentation
    • Steaming server
    • Caching/Edge Caching
    • Tunneling
      • Multicasting
      • Security
      • Bulk Transfer (UDT)
  • Content Management
  • Deployment
  • Player and Mobile App