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Following is the flow of Smart Parking application

  • User Opens the Mobile App and checks for parking plot
    • Current
    • Future
  • Books a parking plot:
    • For duration and Car No# (Choose from the list or add new number)
    • Make a payment estimated according to parking time
  • It goes to Cloud Database for booking
  • If the plot is allotted
    • Parking No# is given to the driver/user
  • While entering to the parking gate Car No# is read by Camera
  • If found in the booking database the slot is displayed in Display board of the parking entrance
  • If not Admin/Security types in the number read and checks the booking
  • For valid booking door is opened and a picture is taken with the timestamp
  • For non-booked car appeared in the gate
    • If any plot is available Admin/Security books the slot for him
  • When a car exits payment is displayed and payment is made.

Post Author: Tranzsilica